Ryan Dugan: Beginner

I’ve been a member since January 2017, I joined because a few of my friends recommended it and said it’s hard work but fun, and that it would help me achieve my goals. Well that was definitely true – I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist in 3 weeks!! I love the fact everyone there is so friendly, nobody judges you because of your appearance or fitness levels. Everybody encourages you and helps motivate you. Ray, Mike and Ryan are all genuine people and are so helpful. I’d recommend it to anybody who wants not only to succeed with their fitness goals but also with their confidence and weight-loss.

Robin Davies: Beginner

I started training at Southern Legion 4 months ago and I’ve gained more in those 4 months than I did in 8 years at Roko! I love the fact that the workouts are structured for you – you don’t have to think, just get it done. Best decision I’ve made joining southern legion, I could never go back to conventional gym training. Ray and Mike have made me feel welcome and helped me so much, they both feel like friends now, as do nearly all the other members. Social events are always fun, it does feel like a massive group of mates who come together and smash horribly addictive workouts. I love it!

Tomas Dowse: Intermediate

I’ve been a member since November 2013; I have a lot of gym equipment at home so I was reluctant to commit to a monthly membership at first, but I soon changed my mind after really enjoying the program, classes and company. Training alongside other people made me start pushing myself like I had in the past, not just going through the motions like I was at home. I’ve discovered I can do things in my mid-thirty’s that I would have been chuffed to do in my twenties. I couldn’t believe it when I climbed a rope for the first time without using my legs, or the first time I got over the bar for a muscle-up! It’s hard to explain the balance of fun and focus in the gym, I love the members and coaches whom I consider friends. The reason I’ve trained so frequently over such a long period is the variety of programming, I have never felt bored.

Nikki Barrett: Intermediate

I joined Southern Legion in 2013 because my previous training was just plodding along and I wasn’t seeing benefits any more. What I love most about training here is the variety – 3 years on and I still look forward to every session! But Southern Legion has been so much more to me than just a gym – I’ve made friends for life here and it’s given me confidence and a can-do attitude that I never had before. Whenever I doubt myself now I just think, ‘Nik – you walked into a brand new gym at the lowest time of your life and turned it into something positive!’

Paul Kimber: Advanced

I joined Southern Legion in Jan 2015 – I was a keen distance runner and enjoyed weight training, but I had a bad injury at the end of 2013 which stopped me running altogether. I was looking for a new cardio fix whilst still weight training and SL was recommended to me. Although I was an experienced lifter I very quickly realised I had a lot to learn! With strict guidance from the coaches I scaled all the workouts to learn the movements and it took over a year to regularly lift the advanced-level weights, but by allowing the coaches to guide me I’ve gained confidence in my own ability. I’ve also gained some amazing friends, who without being part of SL I would never have met. When I was 27 I weighed 21 stone and had a 44 inch waist, I smoked 20+ cigarettes a day and didn’t really care about myself. My wife started at a local gym and encouraged me to go, since then I’ve not looked back and of all the places I’ve trained and all the gyms I’ve been in, Southern Legion is by far the most fun, challenging, friendly and rewarding.

Lou Herron: Advanced

I joined Southern Legion 18 months ago because I wanted to lift heavier weights but didn’t know the techniques. When I joined I wasn’t aware of the competition side but in the past year I’ve entered and been successful in a number of comps. The coaches are really supportive as are the members – nobody cares what you wear or what you look like. I’ve gained confidence, knowledge and a new circle of friends and I really enjoy being part of Southern Legion. It’s a completely different training atmosphere to a large chain gym – the members all know each other, people don’t walk around with headphones in and this adds to the friendly welcoming atmosphere. There is no pressure on the workouts; individuals can tailor them to their own abilities under the careful guidance of the coaches allowing you to reach your own goals. This is one thing you don’t get in large chain gyms and is what makes this place special. I’d recommend it to anyone.