Southern Legion is not just a gym; we believe in changing people’s lives. We want to prove to you that strength and conditioning training is NOT an exclusive club that only super-fit, super-confident athletes can have access to. It’s for everyone, INCLUDING YOU, and you can join this movement and become fit and strong in just SIX WEEKS with our groundbreaking Transformation Programme.

The 6-Week Transformation Programme

Our Transformation Programme has become a phenomenally successful introduction to strength and conditioning training for beginners. Our previous groups have lost up to 16lbs in weight and up to 6 inches from their waist, hips and chest in just 6 weeks. But that’s just the beginning. Our transformers have also gained these life-changing benefits from the course:

  • Significantly increased strength and fitness
  • More energy in their everyday lives
  • Better mental health and a huge boost in confidence
  • Knowledge about nutrition and the confidence to make the right food choices
  • A group of friends that they can train with, motivate and be motivated by

Course details

The Transformation Programme is specially designed for complete beginners. You will join a group of 10 people who are all at the same level, and together you will progress through  the basic movements; building up strength and stamina, losing weight and gaining muscle.

We train Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 8pm. The programmes costs £150 which INCLUDES the nutrition plan.

Our 2017 Transformation programmes are now all fully-booked. If you would like to join the waiting list for January 2018 please contact via email or send a Facebook message:

  • FB: CF Southern Legion